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4 Piece Mini Naughty Drunken Gnomes

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Miniature naughty drunken garden gnomes. Perfect for your beer garden or home bar. These drunken little gnomes are sure to bring a smile. Drunk garden gnome figurines, will be unique decorations for you. The product is made of quality poly-resin, which is waterproof and rust-proof. Each one is hand-crafted with good details. These garden gnomes ornaments can be used for garden decoration, dollhouse, and plant decoration, also can be toys for children and decorate the desk or home. It’s a great gift for your friends, family, and can help your children to believe in magic when collecting the full sets. 

You could say the order of the day when it comes to garden gnomes is “go big or go home.” Little people with big personalities, these statues and figurines take gardening to a whole new level, and allow gardeners to express themselves in ways they never could have dreamed of before. When you want to make sure your garden is as unique as you are, there is no better way than to add a set of rude garden gnomes and naughty garden gnomes.


  • Package:3 miniature garden gnomes and 1 Bonfire
  • Size of Peeing Gnome:2.8*3*6.6cm/1.1in*1.18in*2.6in
  • Size of Drunk Gnome:7.3*5*3cm/2.87in*1.97in*1.18in
  • Size of Sitting Gnome:5.5*4*5.5cm/2.17in*1.57in*2.17in
  • Size of Bonfire:4.5*4.5*3.8cm/1.77in*1.77in*1.5in