Luxury Extra Long Stiletto Ombre French Fake/ False Press on Nails with Rhinestones

Precio habitual $22.99

You like your claws? I got some for you. Beautiful and made of salon quality acrylic. Nails should last about a week and a half with proper application.

12 different sizes to find the perfect fit. 

I highly recommend using salon quality nail glue to ensure a secure bond.

*Please allow 10-20 days for processing and delivery.* 


How long your nails last?

Depends on what kind of adhesive method you use but usually nail adhesive tabs last 1-3days and nail glue last 1-2 weeks. (Wear time is various depends on amount of your contacts to water)

How to remove nails?

The best way to remove the glued nails is to soak it in acetone for good 10-15 mins, then use the a wooden pointy stick to lift the edges and wiggle it around to take it off.

Nail Length: Extra long
Model Number: Extra long nails
Type: Full Nail Tips
Nail Width: Medium
Size: Custom Press on nails
Quantity: 24 nails